“Gone with the wind”


"Gone with the wind"

© 2008 Elena Fattakova
“Gone with the wind”
12 x 12 x 20
Triptych: Part II
Sculpture with acrylic paint on wood and plaster, fan wheel, vintage flat iron, vintage model bi-plane.

One day, feeling lost, I was exploring sculpture forms and shapes, with a vintage cast iron as a ship. The word ‘Bermuda’ came to mind. The ship was lost and I added a bi-plane, and a billboard with actual names and events that took place in the Bermuda Triangle.

Still water,
Blue on blue –
Teal and cerulean hue.

Gone with the wind-Afif Gallery230



“Gone with the wind” was exhibited in the Rogue Space Gallery Chelsea, NYC and in the Liz Afif Gallery, Philadelphia.

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