Braids Maiden


Braids Maiden
© 2010 Elena Fattakova
Braids Maiden
7 x 10 x 16
Sculpture with bonded bronze.
Elena_Fattakova_Braids_Maiden_exht_sml“Braids Maiden” was created during my first Academic year of sculpture studies. I’ve sculpted a female head and was deeply unsatisfied with it. I’ve struggled and a number of awkward geometrical pieces were produced along with a small foot.

In my dream I saw my grandmother and myself as a child. I remembered her braiding my hair every morning before school. So, I started braiding hair on the sculpture head and exaggerated the amount of braids.

When it came to folding them together, the hairpiece began to resemble a crown. And all the geometrical pieces were joined together as if she rose above all the difficulties. I named her Braids Maiden.

“Braids Maiden” has been awarded a Sculpture Prize at the National Academy Museum, NYC. 

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