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Elena Fattakova Although I’ve always aimed for learning from established masters, I consider myself self-taught. Music always was my primary source of inspiration. At the age of five I began to study violin. I still remember walking to class every day, with the violin case in my hand that seemed big and heavy, and the pain in my fingers, but also the bliss of music flowing out of this magical instrument.

Trained as a classical musician for many years, at a certain moment I discovered jazz. Miles Davis and Bill Evans were a revelation. Being under the influence, I began to write poetry and work in collage and mixed media.

Mixed media is a story in a drawer.
Open it.
See with the eyes of a child.

Music from Africa inspired me to my first paintings. Again I began to learn from the very beginning. With Astor Piazzola and the Argentinean Tango came the moment with sculpture. A completely different, physical way of working. However, I found a poetic connection between drawing and sculpture which is elevating once the work is finished.

I’m incorporating my visual insights, dreams and poetic metaphors into my works. And music, of course, which is always with me.

Thank you for being here.

I hope you’ll find something to your liking. Enjoy discovering!

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